Seamless Baby Boys/Toddlers Amigurumi Pattern

Oh hi, Ma! Of course we’ve been very good boys all morning! Vase? What broken vase? We don’t know anything about it, Ma!

Seamless Toddler Doll Amigurumi Pattern

Meet those two super cute little amigurumi toddlers. They look sweet, but do not trust those innocent eyes. Once you invite them, not a single biscuit in your house remains safe!

Seamless Toddler Doll Amigurumi Pattern,

Both baby dolls are seamless (except for the eyes which need to be sewed to the face) and fast to make. I wanted the body shape to be as realistic as possible and simple at the same time so that it could be easily altered.

The crochet pattern for the dolls is available in my shops:

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Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Free Amigurumi Pattern Modification

Today I would like to show you how to make your own seamless Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. I think that he will make a great Chrismas decoration this season!

rudolph the rednosed reindeer free amigurumi pattern modification

What you need

1. This is not a separate pattern, but a pattern modification, so you will need my Andy The Fawn Amigurumi Pattern, which can be purchased on Etsy, Ravelry or Craftsy.

2. Sport yarn in brown, beige, white, black and red (I use YarnArt Jeans).

3. Crochet hook (I use 1.75 steel hook, it is American 4).

4. Tapestry needle

5. Some stuffing


The base (the head, body, tail and all legs) should be made according to the Fawn pattern, but with all the alterations listed below:

1. Use brown yarn instead of orange (read the “Or” symbol as “change to brown”).

2. Use beige yarn instead of white (read the “Wh” symbol as “change to beige”).

3. Round 11 of the HEAD pattern should be done like this:

sc 21 (in brown), inc (in beige), inc 2 (in red), inc, sc (in beige), sc 21 (in brown)

4. Do not make eyes yet.

The finished body should look like this:

Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer Free Amigurumi Pattern Modification


Make two shorter beige pieces following the pattern below:

1) magic ring, sc 4

2-5) sc 4

Fasten off with long thread.

Then make two longer beige pieces following the pattern below:

1) magic ring, sc 4

2-8) sc 4

Fasten off with long thread.

Sew the shorter piece to the longer piece as shown in the picture. Repeat with the remaing two pieces.

Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer Free Amigurumi Pattern Modification


Make two eyes following the pattern below. Start with black thread.

1) magic ring, sc 6, change color to white

2) sl-tbl, inc-tbl 2, sl-tbl

Fasten off leaving long black and white ends. You can also tide together and then trim the short beginnings of white and black thread.

Use the white thread to embroider a white highlight in the middle of the black part of the eye.

Sew both eyes to the head as shown in the picture. Use the black thread to sew the black part of the eye and the white thread to sew the white part.

Sew antlers to the head.

Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer Free Amigurumi Pattern Modification

Congratulations! You have made your Rudolph!

I would love to see your Rudolph so don’t forget to link to your work in the comment!

Kissing Dolls Amigurumi Pattern for a wedding topper or bridal shower

Let me introduce a sweet couple of two amigurumi dolls that just got wed! The bride and the groom couldn’t wait to hear “now you may kiss each other”.

kissing dolls amigurumi pattern for wedding or bridal shower

They are both seamless so they can be made really fast which is great when you would like to give a cute handmade gift for a wedding or a bridal shower, but you don’t have much time left.

Kissing Dolls Amigurumi pattern for wedding or bridal shower

The dolls don’t stand on their own, they need to be pinned or glued to something solid. I chose a lid of an IKEA rattan box, but wooden or cork coaster should also be OK.

Kissing Dolls Amigurumi pattern for wedding or bridal shower

Kissing Dolls Amigurumi Pattern is available in my shops:

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Sandy The Cat – Seamless Amigurumi Pattern

This is Sandy. Sandy is a seamless amigurumi cat that I designed using some advanced shaping techniques which I developed while designing Cat Princess and Andy The Fawn patterns.
sandy the cat seamless amigurumi pattern




I think I am done with crocheting kittens for a long time. I can hardly imagine myself designing anything with higher cuteness factor than Sandy.

Maybe I should go into Halloween/horror stuff for a change?

The pattern is available in my shops:

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Amigurumi Pattern: Andy The Fawn

I knew two things when I started designing this one: it must be seamless and it must stand on its own four feet. Period. No compromises. It took me some time to figure out the way I should contruct it but at last – it is done! My newest seamless creature, Andy The Fawn.

andy the fawn amigurumi seamless pattern

I love how elegant he is. The color is added as-you-go, simply by changing the thread color. And you need the needle only to close the holes in the body.

andy the fawn amigurumi seamless pattern

Is it still amigurumi? Or maybe rather: crochet sculpture?

(I don’t dare to say “crochet art”.)

andy the fawn amigurumi seamless pattern

Cat Princess Amigurumi Pattern

I had this cat in my mind long before I actually started to design it. I wanted to make an amigurumi cat possibly realistic and minimalist at the same time. I wanted the pattern to be almost or entirely seamless.

I attempted several times and left the project to do something easier. Until I finally learnt (or discovered) all the shaping techniques that were essential to make the cat look as I wanted it to, without any compromises.

cat amigurumi pattern realistic minimalist

The cat princess doesn’t required much sewing – only the tail must be sewed to the body and this is actually the exact amount of needlework that I can bear in my pattern without feeling  uncomfortable.

I like this pattern so much that it even became a part of my new logotype!

I am still thinking about making another seamless cat – the next one will stand on four feet. I think I am close to achieving that.

amigurumi pattern realistic cat

The pattern is available in my shops:

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Wedding Amigurumi Pattern: Kissing Bears

Some time ago I tried to make a flat crochet circle. What I actually made was a kind of a bowl… Instead of ripping it all I began to experiment – and that is how the first white bear was born.

kissing white bears amigurumi pattern

She looked a bit sad so I made her a friend. They quickly became more than friends!

kissing bears amigurumi pattern

That is the kind of an amigurumi pattern that I like – almost seamless, fast to make and sooooo cuuuuute 🙂

The pattern is available here:

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New Amigurumi Pattern: Tom The T-Rex Dinosaur

Actually, I wanted to make something completely different, but with every new round the shape looked more and more like a dinosaur! I crochet long enough to know that when it happens, the best thing you can do is just follow your intuition.

And here he is – meet Tom the T-Rex!

dinosaur amigurumi pattern

Some of you know how I “love” sewing parts together so it should not surprise you that the pattern is almost entirely seamless. Only those tiny front paws of the tyrannosaurus are sewed to the body.

dinosaur amigurumi pattern

Tom can stand on its own with a little help of his tail. He is quick and fun to make!

dinosaur amigurumi pattern

You can find the pattern in my shops:

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Easter Bunny with Eggshell Amigurumi Pattern

Mrs. Duck was rather surprised when she laid her eggs and they saw they were colorful and striped. And she was even more shocked when she saw what hatched from those eggs!

amigurumi easter spring bunny pattern

Yes, it’s Amigurumi Easter Bunnies. They are colorful and cheerful because the spring has come at last!

They were made from my Easter Bunny Pattern. They are seamless and fast to make. I think they will make a great spring home decoration.

The pattern is quite simple, no dramatic shaping here, so I think that any crochet crafter with an intermediate level of experience will easily make it.

The pattern is available in all my shops (see below), also in an Easter Bundle (with a Lazy Duckling).

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