Lazy Duckling Amigurumi Pattern

Let me show you my newest amigurumi pattern – Lazy Duckling in Eggshell. Perfect as a Spring/Easter home decoration.

This pattern did not take me much time. It is quite easy and fun to make. The duckling is made mostly as one piece, only the legs have to be sewn to the body.

The leg can be made solid white or striped, if you want to look it more “Easter”.

It can be also a great simple toy for a toddler – putting the duckling into its egg and out is a great exercise for tiny fingers.

lazy duckling in eggshell amigurumi pattern

The pattern is available in Easter Bundle and separately in my shops:

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Elephant Trunk-Up Crochet Pattern

I have just finished my next amigurumi pattern. I am very proud of this baby – it is an elephant! With its trunk up!

The idea was in my head for a long time, but I got stuck in another big project which eventually was put away in the drawer and waits for better times.

The elephant is made of several parts crocheted separately, sewed together and then stuffed as one part.



The pattern is available in my shops:

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