Cat Princess Amigurumi Pattern

I had this cat in my mind long before I actually started to design it. I wanted to make an amigurumi cat possibly realistic and minimalist at the same time. I wanted the pattern to be almost or entirely seamless.

I attempted several times and left the project to do something easier. Until I finally learnt (or discovered) all the shaping techniques that were essential to make the cat look as I wanted it to, without any compromises.

cat amigurumi pattern realistic minimalist

The cat princess doesn’t required much sewing – only the tail must be sewed to the body and this is actually the exact amount of needlework that I can bear in my pattern without feeling ¬†uncomfortable.

I like this pattern so much that it even became a part of my new logotype!

I am still thinking about making another seamless cat – the next one will stand on four feet. I think I am close to achieving that.

amigurumi pattern realistic cat

The pattern is available in my shops:

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